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Making a dog blanket

Dog hair: trash or valuable resource?    As you may or may not know, rough collies have a LOT of undercoat and now and then they are shedding it. If you brush your collie thoroughly, you almost get a second collie in undercoat. For years I watched my mother (a breeder of rough collies) throw away these huge amounts of hair, not thinking anything of it. And then I learned how to spin. I had already experimented with different types of fibers and I was curious what was possible. So one day I literally saved a handful of undercoat (from the lovely boy Lines) from the trash and took them home with me. My mother thought it was weird, but didn’t say anything. I experimented with the fiber and found out it was actually very spinnable. Very fine, lovely staple length. And the thought of knowing the donor of my spinning fiber from puppy on made me enjoy the spinning process even more. Next time I talked to my mother, I asked her to save all the brushings from her dogs and give