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Little handwoven yarn bag

  Sewing a handwoven and handspun bag It is my big dream to one day wear a garment that is as handmade by me as it is gonna get: using yarn that I spun to weave a fabric that I can then sew into the garment. The problem with this: I am still a beginner weaver and barely able to sew a straight line in any fabric, let alone handwoven fabric. And so I decided to start small: a small little pull string bag, just big enough for one skein of yarn, but small enough to be comfortably be carried by my dear Fiberdog Hestia. The yarn Many, many years ago I attended a little wool and fiber festival in Germany. And one of the vendors carried this: A cute jar full of rainbow colored Tussah silk! Of course I had to get it and in fact I started spinning it right away (on a newly bought spindle, if I remember correctly). While I was spinning it, I was wondering already how to ply it. I definitely wanted to keep the rainbow sequence and I also wanted to get as much yarn from it as possible. My solution: