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Working with a special fleece

Years ago I was on a small wool market in Germany. As always I was looking for fiber to spin. I found a shepherd, who had unprocessed fleeces from his sheep for sale. However, none of them really called to me. I was about to turn away, when an unmarked fleece caught my eye. It was perfect for me! So I talked to the shepherd and asked about the price. He hesitated. "It is not for sale. It is from my favorite ram, who passed recently. He was a special boy.", he told me. That was of course sad for me, but I understood. Some things are just too special to sell. So we talked a little bit. About the ram, sheep and pets in general. I don't know what made him change his mind, but in the end he sold me the fleece (and for a very fair price, too). He had one condition though: I had to send him pictures of the finished product. Naturally I agreed and went home with this very special fleece. A special fleece  Preparing the fiber and spinning the yarn One thing I